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Viliv S5: Are UMPCs lost between Netbooks and smartphones?

It's too large to be a smart device, and too small to be a useful Netbook. Is the import-only Viliv S5 right for you?

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Ultramobile PCs have always found themselves to be the tweeners of the mobile world: too large to be easily pocket-size, yet too small to be usable as full-fledged computers. While the landscape just a few years ago was marked with products ranging from Samsung's Q1 to the OQO, often costing way too much money, now cheaper smartphones and Netbooks have crowded in on either side with portable power to spare.

The Viliv S5, currently an import-only product, returns to the scene of the crime with a lower-cost Atom-based touch-screen device that runs full Windows XP, has Bluetooth and GPS compatibility, and even pulls up its own haptic-feedback on-screen keyboard. You'll need it, since the 4.8-inch screen's extremely fine resolution gets a little hard to manage. While a physical keyboard would have been nice (as would an SD card slot), the bulk of the S5's thickness goes towards a battery that boasts impressive life.

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And would you ever buy a handheld UMPC as opposed to a Netbook or an iPhone/Pre/Android phone? Sound off below.