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ViewSonic outs Android ViewPad 7

ViewSonic confirms plans to announce a 7-inch Android tablet at IFA 2010, called the ViewPad 7.

The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Android tablet.
The ViewPad 7 is ViewSonic's effort to design an Android-based tablet computer. ViewSonic

ViewSonic is throwing its hat into the Android tablet ring with a 7-inch offering called ViewPad.

The tablet will be made official at this year's upcoming IFA. So far, confirmed specs include a 7-inch screen, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, microSD memory expansion, microphone, speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, mini USB, and both front- and rear-facing cameras.

Pricing, capacity, and availability are yet to be determined, as is the specific version of Android the device will ship with. The image shown here, provided by ViewSonic, is a computer rendering of the device powered off, offering no hint of how Android will be implemented. The image does show a strip of touch-sensitive buttons down the right bezel of the screen, which seems to be typical for most Android-powered hardware.

A 10-inch tablet capable of booting both Android and Windows 7 is reportedly in the works as well.

(Via Pocket-Lint)