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Viewsonic embraces LED

Viewsonic says it will switch its entire monitor line to LED by early 2011.

Within the last year or so, LED-based monitors have seen a noticeable increase in market share, with every major manufacturer getting solidly behind the technology. None have taken it as far as ViewSonic, though.

ViewSonic goes green, to the MAX! ViewSonic

This week ViewSonic revealed that by early 2011, all of its PC monitors would be manufactured with LED backlights as opposed to the traditional, cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFL) backlights used by most monitors.

It was only a matter of time before a major vendor went this route, and according to the company, this decision will provide its customers monitors that not only have a lower carbon footprint, but higher performance as well.

Now, while the vast majority of LED monitors I've reviewed do indeed draw less power than their CCFL counterparts, I've yet to see any evidence of inherently great performance simply because the monitor had an LED backlight compared to its CCFL counterpart.

A few vendors like Samsung and HP have released very high-performing LED-based monitors, but not all LED-based monitors are going to tuck you into bed at night before serving you breakfast in the morning. OK, none of them will do this, but I think you get my point.

ViewSonic hints that they'll also be releasing 3D-capable, LED-based monitors soon as well. Which, OK, sure, I understand 3D is the new hotness and isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but in my experience, playing games in 3D has only proved to be a distraction from the actual gameplay. A no-no for me. And other than "Avatar," I've yet to see a movie improved by the 3D effect.

Still, it should be interesting to see where this new endeavor takes Viewsonic.