View lyrics for YouTube videos without looking them up

Frequent YouTube music video watcher? This extension will help you learn the lyrics so you can sing it like a pro later.

Nicole Cozma
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Nicole Cozma
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YouTube video of Skyfall by Adele, the opening theme for the latest James Bond movie, accompanied by YouTube Lyrics by Rob W. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Sometimes the person or company responsible for uploading a music video on YouTube is kind enough to include the lyrics in the video information. If not, you probably end up opening another browser tab to find the lyrics so you can sing along (when no one else is listening). As a convenience for future song learning, there's a Web browser add-on that works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which will allow you to see the lyrics while a video is playing. Here's how to get started:

For Chrome:
Install a copy of YouTube Lyrics by Rob W from the Chrome Web Store by clicking the Add to Chrome button.

For Firefox:
Head to the Add-on page for YouTube Lyrics by Rob W and click Add to Firefox. In the pop-up window that opens, wait for the timer, then click the Install button.

For Opera:
Open the Opera add-on page for YouTube Lyrics by Rob W and press the green Add to Opera button. When the pop-up window for the add-on appears, click Install.

This extension/add-on does not require a Web browser restart to function. This means you can head over to one of your favorite YouTube music videos and start seeing the corresponding lyrics on the right-hand side of the page immediately.

Another great feature of YouTube Lyrics by Rob W is the multiple sources for lyrics. If you see lyrics that don't appear to be correct, you can just advance to another version by pressing the Different Source link along the top of the lyrics.

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