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View blocked Web sites with a proxy

Can't get Hulu or BBC video where you live? A proxy may help.

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Hulu is a great service, unless you don't live in the U.S., in which case it's blocked.

BBC's iPlayer rocks, unless you don't live in the U.K., in which case it's probably blocked, too.

Using a proxy can get you around these blocks and give you access to the video services. Proxies take all your Internet requests and relay them from their location, so you appear to be in that location.

For instance, a proxy address for a London server would make it look as if your computer was in London, and the BBC iPlayer wouldn't block you. Thanks to Lifehacker for posting Hengehog's steps for using proxies in Firefox.

Go to tools. And select add-ons.

Click Get Add-ons.

Search for Foxyproxy and choose foxyproxy basic.

The click add to Firefox.

And press Install.

Restart Firefox.

You should see the add-ons window again; if not go select it again from tools.

Select FoxyProxy and click preferences.

Click Add New Proxy.

Under the General Tab, enter a name for your proxy.

And in the Proxy Details tab select "Manual Proxy Configuration," and then enter the IP address of the proxy you're using. You'll need to search online to find a reputable and reliable proxy. They change from country to country and can even change over time.

Now, select automatic proxy configuration and enter the URL of the Web site you want to use the proxy for. Otherwise, you would end up using the proxy for everything. Now press OK

Now go to the Mode drop-down menu.

Select the proxy you just created.

And press close.

Now visit the Web site you were blocked from before and see if it works.

Proxies come and go, and some that start reliable may degrade over time as more people discover them. Be sure you trust the proxy you're using. Malicious proxies can spread malware. Also remember that the sites that are trying to block you may not view your actions kindly. Otherwise, they wouldn't have blocked you in the first place. But if you're a citizen traveling abroad and you've paid your license fees or cable bill, here's one way to see content your missing while you're away. That's it for now. I'm Tom Merritt,