Video: The iPhone line with an hour to go

More from the Apple store front lines.

There's just over an hour to go until the iPhone launch, and I got up on a stepladder (precarious, considering the crowds that could knock you off at any second) in order to survey the scene. Nothing particularly chaotic, but yeah, it's a lot of people.

The guy in line next to where I'm sitting is on his cell phone, telling a friend that "it's's absolutely crazy." He got here about 6 AM today and is at position #110 in line.

People are starting to buzz on whether or not Steve Jobs might show up: there has been no concrete evidence whatsoever, but people have been suggesting that it would likely be a great photo op. The 5th Avenue store is a serious landmark for Apple-heads, and from what we've been hearing, the NYC lines have eclipsed San Francisco's. Anybody heard any more juicy rumors as to where Mr. Jobs might be this afternoon?

UPDATE (5:11 PM EDT): A friend of mine on Twitter reports from the West Side that there's a longer line streaming out of trendy gelato hub Grom than out of the nearby AT&T store.