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Video smorgasbord: Geneva auto show

2007 Geneva auto show video roundup

Odd fashion and car tech: It must be Geneva
Odd fashion and car tech: It must be Geneva
Geneva Auto Salon

I love the Geneva auto show for its blend of fashion and engineering; concept cars to showroom rides. The 2007 event did not disappoint. As with every major car show I cover, the first thing people ask me is "what did you like?" So here's my personal Top 5 from Geneva (excluding the Hotel des Bergues, which is always my favorite thing about Geneva.)

5. New Ford Mondeo - Because I dream of Ford bringing its cool Euro cars here one day.

4. New Mercedes C Class - Because it's a C Class you won't have to make excuses for.

3. New BMW M3 - Gotta' love the first 3 with a V8, though it's still technically a concept.

2. The New Audi A5 - Just doesn't look at all like the Audi you're picturing in your head right now.

1. Maserati Gran Turismo - because that is a gorgeous car (even if they did borrow the rear end from a Lexus IS.)

BTW, here's a roundup of cars I thought were worth a fly-by but weren't exactly earth-shattering.

If you want to just see the concept cars, here's a playlist of them.

And if you're the comprehensive type, here's the master list of all our Geneva vids.

(P.S.: Up next on our car show circuit are New York, Frankfurt, and Tokyo.)