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Video site Dailymotion gets a pair of iPhone apps

The app offers a nice step up from viewing the site in Safari alone, and even lets iPhone 3GS owners record and send their videos to the service.

Dailymotion was one of the first video providers to come out with support for the iPhone back in mid-2007 through the built-in Safari browser. Earlier this year the company also revamped all of its videos to support HTML5 video tags, a Web standard that the latest version of mobile Safari can play without the need for any special plug-ins like Adobe's Flash.

Apparently that wasn't enough though, because late Sunday the company released its own application that offers a handful of additional features for users with an iPhone or iPod Touch who want a native app instead of watching videos in their browser.

The new solution adds all sorts of goodies like search, 14 themed channels, and a way for users to link it up with their Dailymotion account to mark and view favorites. Owners of an iPhone 3GS handset can also record and upload videos they've taken without leaving the app.

Dailymotion says the app works with 12 million of its videos. In using it, I only ran into a few that would not play. However, just like with the YouTube app, if you're logged in you can mark these to view them when you're back on a computer. This is a nice consolation.

The app comes in two flavors, one that's free and has on-screen ads (but no pre or post-roll advertising), as well as a $5.99 premium version that comes ad-free. Below is a video of the company's run-through of what it can do: