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Video roundup: Meet the next-generation iPhone

Check out video clips of CEO Steve Jobs showing off Apple's newer, faster iPhone 3G.

As expected, Apple CEO Steve Jobs used his time on stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference to announce a new version of the iPhone.

We've pulled together our video clips of his introduction, along with demos of some of its new features, including GPS, the faster 3G wireless technology, and MobileMe, a service that syncs users' e-mail and calendar info on every device they register. Follow the jump for all those videos. And go here to see a roundup of all the third-party apps shown off Monday.

Did Apple fans get all they wanted?
Will Apple fans be pleased with Monday's announcements? CNET's Molly Wood offers an overview of Jobs' keynote address.

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iPhone 3G makes its debut
Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone 3G with faster download speeds, longer battery life, GPS, a lower price, and a near worldwide release beginning July 11.

Jobs unveils GPS for the 3G iPhone
Steve Jobs demonstrated GPS on the new iPhone 3G. Jobs showed how an iPhone traveling in a car going down San Francisco's famously crooked Lombard Street can be tracked as its user navigates the curves.

Apple unveils MobileMe at WWDC
Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, unveiled MobileMe, the company's new cloud computing service that will connect all of your devices and push information up and down to keep everything up to date.

Daily Debrief: iPhone 3G's unveiling
Following Steve Jobs' announcement Monday of the new iPhone at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, CNET's Charlie Cooper and Tom Krazit discuss features the smartphone both boasts and lacks.