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Video headrest for the iPod

Vizualogic A-1250 specifically marries iPod with headrest video.

Everyone knows the screen size of the video iPod makes the "video" part of its name a reach. Until Apple remedies that (January 9th?) the Vizualogic A-1250 LCD headrest for your car may be of interest.

Vizualogic A-1250

There's nothing new about an aftermarket video headrest with an LCD screen, DVD player and even an AUX jack, but the secret sauce on this one is the special cable that takes audio and video from the iPod connector and runs it all into a single AUX jack on the headrest. No horsey red/white/yellow RCA jacks. And it's a license iPod product so the video should come out properly scaled and formatted.

The A-1250 also has a built-in FM transmitter to send audio from the headrest to the car's FM radio. Mmmm, bet that sounds good. Better to use the standard headphone jack that's included.

List price of this unit is a stupefying $2,199, but the street price looks more like $1,600. Still pretty stout. Here's a PDF 1-sheet on it.

Overall sales of add-on video headrests are growing at around 25% each year and will be about a $100 million business this year.