Video game design glitch goes viral to Michael Jackson song

A high school video game design class turns out a highly entertaining glitch with some accidentally amazing dance moves.

Please enjoy these 37 seconds of a tough-looking game character shaking its moneymaker to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." He's got a big gun, a limber neck and over 350,000 views on YouTube. The video, posted on Tuesday, shows off a very funny video game design glitch.

Jon Gianelli teaches a video game design class at a high school in California. His students are working on some pretty advanced projects, including playing with Unreal Engine 4, a suite of development tools for games. Some of Gianelli's pupils loaded up a pre-built character and then turned the "gravity" off to see what would happen. That's how the boogieing character came about.

Gianelli shared the footage on social discussion site Reddit and fielded questions about the video, which he shot himself. He says he jokingly told his students it would get a million views. "I really didn't think it would blow up like this though," he writes.

The game design class is geared for beginners, but students are required to take graphic design and pre-algebra first.

"This is high school and the first time just about all of my students have been exposed to programming, modeling, or game development/design. I tell them they can learn it all on their own but that this is a great starting point," Gianelli writes. I think it's going great."

It's also going entertainingly funky as you can tell by the students cracking up in the background.

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