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Video emerges showing Chromium OS for tablets

A French Web developer altered some code while updating his Chromium build and discovered a touch-screen tablet interface within.

Do you think Chrome OS would be a good tablet OS? Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Wanna take a sneak peek at what Google Chrome OS for tablet devices could look like?

According to Lilputing, a Web developer named Francois Beaufort recently compiled the latest version of Chromium OS and discovered a hidden touch-screen interface for the open-source OS. He activated the touch-screen mode by adjusting export GYP_DEFINES="touchui=1", then running the standard "gclient sync" to revise the tarball. Voila!

Beaufort made a one-minute video of the interface, which, to be honest, looks refreshingly easy to use. A large black keyboard somewhat reminiscent of Android is found at the bottom, menus are enlarged, and navigation and option buttons are more easily accessible. While it's no Honeycomb, it wouldn't be hard to imagine this OS running on a less expensive tablet.

For Google Chrome OS to succeed in retail, it has some interesting challenges ahead. There's been recent mumblings of an OS competitor from Mozilla, and recent expose of its vulnerabilities during Black Hat 2011.

Regardless, this fascinating glimpse into Chrome OS for tablets could spark renewed interest in the "cloud" operating system.

(Via Boy Genius Report)