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Video chat coming to Yahoo's mobile apps

The chat giant says it's bringing video chat to mobile phone users. The feature will let users video chat with each other from their handsets over Wi-Fi and a cellular data connection.

Yahoo's video chat service

Better wipe the face grease off that smartphone if you've got one: Yahoo plans to bring video chat to users of its mobile chat application.

In an interview yesterday with Reuters, Yahoo's VP of Mobile for the Americas, David Katz told the news outlet that the feature was on the way to the next version of the company's messenger app for both Android devices and the iPhone.

The video chat feature, which is said to work over both Wi-Fi and through carrier's networks, will also be cross-platform, allowing users on their phone to video chat with users on the company's desktop client (and vice versa). That opens up the service to a much larger potential group of users than through something like Apple's FaceTime, which currently only works for chats between iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Until the updated version of the app arrives (which Reuters said is still in review by Apple), users with iPhones and Android devices with front-facing cameras have a handful of options for video chat including Fring, Qik, and Tango. Skype too is expected to add the feature to its application at some point down the road, as the company has said that a third of calls made on its service are video chats.