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Victorian Darth Vader steampunk dress is creepy

Darth Vader gets a new look and a sex change with a dark Victorian steampunk costume featuring an LED necklace.

Darth Vader dress
Ms. Vader is looking particularly intimidating today.
May B.

Though steampunk tends to mind a retro vein, it goes surprisingly well with the aesthetics of the "Star Wars" universe. This was already proven with the marvelous steampunk AT-AT. Epbot reader May B. delves into the look for an unusual, and somewhat creepy, version of a Darth Vader costume.

May B.'s concept starts with a Victorian mourning dress, a shiny black number full of intricate patterns, topped off with a black hat with a veil running down the back. Steampunk goggles (a requirement pretty much) are integrated into a Darth Vader mask topped with a filigreed silver detail.

The necklace has LEDs added with the use of conductive thread. There's even a version of the Darth Vader control panel around the belt. She definitely looks like she could squeeze the life out of an underling with a twitch of her gloved hand.

May B. got some of the inspiration from her costume from Epbot's own Lady Vadore ensemble, a wild steampunky creation that is part time traveler, part Sith Lord.

The mash-up Victorian dress is a perfect play on what "Star Wars" would have looked like if Darth Vader was a woman in Victorian times.

How about a fan film with this version of the character controlling an army of steampunk AT-ATs? Then, we could also have Luke Skywalker as a Victorian woman dressed in a white blouse with a beige skirt and even more goggles. Then we could throw Sherlock Holmes in there just for fun, and completely upset the balance of the universe.

Lady Vadore
This Lady Vadore costume served as inspiration for the Victorian dress. Epbot.com

(Via Geeks are Sexy)