Vevo makes noise as its music videos return to MTV

Vevo's videos reappear on MTV last week after a year-long feud. Also, the New York Post reports on why Facebook may want to replace YouTube as Vevo's host.

Vevo's videos reappeared on MTV last week.
Screenshot by Greg Sandoval/CNET

Music video powers MTV and Vevo are finally back together again.

All of Vevo's music videos, which include clips from three of the four largest record labels, reappeared at and its other Web sites on Friday.

CNET broke the news in December that the companies had reached an agreement after more than a year since those Vevo's videos owned by Universal Music Group disappeared from MTV sites. A Vevo spokeswoman declined to comment and an MTV representative wasn't immediately available.

The financial terms were not released.

Meanwhile, Vevo is sure making a lot of news lately. The New York Post today followed a CNET report from January about how Facebook is trying to replace YouTube as Vevo's host.

My sources say that negotiations continue between Vevo and Google's YouTube. There's no big hurry really as Vevo's contract with YouTube doesn't expire for a year. The Post report focused on why Vevo is being sought by Facebook and YouTube.

"Landing a deal with Vevo could prove key for Facebook, which is angling to go public this year in a huge IPO that would value the company at $100 billion," wrote Claire Atkinson, a Post reporter. "The social network barely edged out Google to become the biggest seller of display ads in 2011, but is projected to lose that title in 2013 as the search giant cranks up its display-ad business."