Vertu collection celebrates--what else?--itself

Luxury handset maker puts its "V" monogram on entire line.


As Vertu celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the luxury handset maker is commemorating its first decade with another special edition (surprise, surprise). This time it's the "Monogram Constellation" collection, though there's apparently no astronomical connection other than price. But something tells us that Vertu consumers aren't terribly concerned with such details.

With the latest line, the phone maker extraordinaire continues its leather kick, which it has already adopted for occasions ranging from the picnic to the race track. Given that this is Vertu, of course, it's no ordinary cowhide treatment: Each piece takes four hours to finish with the vaunted "V" emblem, according to Sybarites, in five colors--sky blue, cerise, pewter, green, and red. And we're happy to report that there's not a single snake in the bunch.