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Verizon's new data plan burns singles

Get a breakdown of how much you'll be paying with Verizon's new shared data plan, which goes into effect in two weeks for new customers or those wanting upgrades.

Today we're rocking out in the cloud to take our minds off our mobile bills:

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Verizon has completely restructured nearly all of its phone plans with something called a Share Everything Plan. The plans will give you unlimited text and unlimited voice. As for data, you have to pay for how much data you want a month. Then you have to pay another fee for each device that will use that pool of data.

Verizon is encouraging you to have multiple devices that can all share from the same plan, but it can make your bill more expensive if you're an individual. Catch today's video for a breakdown of how much you would pay if you just wanted to get a new smartphone. (Expect it to be over $100 a month, and that's not counting taxes and other fees!)

AT&T customers may soon face the same data-plan fate, as one AT&T executive said at CTIA. The plan change for Verizon begins June 28. If you upgrade your plan in the next two weeks, you can hang on to your current contract for the next two years. And if you've been hanging on to an old unlimited plan, you will also need to upgrade before June 28 -- otherwise the next time you upgrade, you'll have to get the Share Everything Plan.

Also in today's roundup, TiVo users will be able to makepurchases from their remote using PayPal. That will start rolling out in the fall.

Rumors of a Google tablet were confirmed by an Asus employee, according to one report. If true, we could see a Google tablet at the Google I/O conference at the end of June. And Twitter ran its first television commercial during a Nascar race.

If you buy music off of Amazon and you have an iPhone, today you can finally get the Amazon Cloud Player app. Unlike the Android version, you can't purchase music from the app (because Apple always wants a cut). But you can pull in any songs that are saved to the 5 gigs of Amazon Cloud storage. Whatever music you have saved in the Amazon Cloud (which can pull in all recent purchases automatically) can be streamed or downloaded to your device. But you have to play it through the app.

Feeling burned about the Verizon data plan changes? Or does it make things easier for your family? Your questions and comments can make it on the show. Use Tout to message Bridget with a 15 second video reply from your webcam or smartphone camera. Or, simply post a reply video to the CNET YouTube channel. You can also send an email.

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