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Verizon Wireless prepping for BlackBerry Storm?

Rumors start to fly that Verizon Wireless will soon start selling the touch-screen RIM BlackBerry Storm as an internal specification sheet leaks on the Web.

Engadget Mobile

OK, folks. Here is your smartphone rumor for the day: The touch-screen RIM BlackBerry Storm is headed for Verizon Wireless. Several sources have reported on this news after a "talking points" sheet for Verizon employees was leaked, highlighting some of the key features of the smartphone.

According to the document, the BlackBerry Storm is said to have a click touch screen that helps for more precise text entry; dual-mode connectivity (CDMA and quad-band GSM for world roaming); and a 3.2-megapixel camera. The Storm will also support visual voice mail, VZ Navigator, and full HTML Web browsing.

Unfortunately, there were no details about launch date or pricing, but you can believe that you'll know as soon as we know. In the meantime, here's a roundup of what's being said around the Web:

Engadget Mobile
The Boy Genius Report
Howard Forums
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