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Verizon Wireless expands prepaid plans

Verizon adds text messaging bundles and access to media services for prepaid customers.

Verizon Wireless has offered prepaid plans for a long time, but last week the carrier announced that it was expanding its services. Maybe it's the economy, or maybe Verizon is just getting in the holiday spirit.

Customers can choose from three plans, each with a different daily access fee and calling rates. In the "Core" plan the daily access fee is $0.99 (for each day you use it) and you get unlimited in-network calling. All other calls are $0.10 per minute. In the "Plus" plan the daily access fee is $1.99 with free night calling. And in the "Power" plan, night and weekend calling is free, while out-of-network weekday calling is $0.10 per minute. The daily access fee for that plan is $2.99. Text messages for all plans are $0.10 each but Verizon added new text messaging bundles.

Multimedia messages remain $0.25 each and are not available in a bundle, but prepaid users can use their accounts to pay for Verizon's other media services. These include V Cast Music with Rhapsody, VZ Navigator, ringtones, ringback tones, Mobile Web, games, and other applications. See Verizon's announcement for the full story.