Verizon officially rolls out BlackBerry Storm firmware update

Hours after rumors of a firmware update release, Verizon Wireless officially publishes the software update schedule for the RIM BlackBerry Storm.

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Bonnie Cha
RIM BlackBerry Storm Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Earlier on Friday, we reported on rumors that Verizon Wireless would release a firmware update for the RIM BlackBerry Storm, but it's now official.

The carrier has begun rolling out the software upgrade via the Desktop Software Manager and Web-based software first, while the over-the-air update will be pushed out at 9:30 p.m. PST on Friday so you have three choices as to how you want to get the new software. You can check Verizon's support Web site for specific instructions.

We'll be installing the update on our review unit and making adjustments to our full review where necessary, so check back soon for a complete report. Meanwhile, feel free to use our Comments section below to discuss your experiences.