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Verizon-flavored Treo 755p spotted; better late than never

Images of a Verizon-branded Palm Treo 755p surface on the Web.

Palm Treo 755p
Palm Treo 755p
Engadget Mobile

Compared to the other cell phone carriers, Verizon Wireless has been a bit of a Johnny-come-lately as far as updating its smart phone lineup. Sure, it got the RIM BlackBerry 8830 not too long ago, but we're still waiting for the upgrades to the Verizon Wireless XV6700 and Palm Treo 700p, both of which are more than a year old. Not ancient by any means, but take into account that Sprint has already released updated versions of their equivalents: the Sprint Mogul and Treo 755p.

Well, don't cry, dear Verizon customer, there seems to be hope in sight. First, there was news of the Samsung SCH-i760, and now Engadget Mobile has some snapshots of a Verizon-branded Palm Treo 755p. I know, nothing too earth-shattering, but at least you get the trimmer (and I use that term loosely) size. Err, that's something, right? There's no official confirmation from Palm or Verizon, and no details of release date or pricing, but you'll know when we do.