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Verbatim MediaShare NAS goes Mini

Verbatim releases a mini version of its MediaShare home NAS server.

The new MediaShare Mini NAS server from Verbatim.
The new MediaShare Mini NAS server from Verbatim. Verbatim

If you like the MediaShare NAS server but are discouraged by its rather large size and heavy weight, there's now an alternative. Verbatim announced today the mini version of the home NAS server, aptly called MediaShare Mini Sharing Station, that's just about one-third the size of the MediaShare.

Unlike the MediaShare that comes with built-in storage, the MediaShare Mini manages to stay "mini" by offering only four USB ports, into which you can plug USB external hard drives and turn them into the storage space of the home network storage system. This makes it very similar to the iConnect Wireless Station from Iomega.

Other than that, according to Verbatim, the MediaShare Mini offers the same features as the full-size MediaShare NAS server:

  • Remote access: users can access MediaShare Mini over the Internet to upload, download, and manage files, as well as view photos, play music, and watch videos.
  • Photo album sharing: the ability to turn a photo album into a URL to share it with friends over the Internet.
  • Handheld device support: the MediaShare supports the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Palm Pre, and other smartphones.
  • Social Web site integration: share content via Facebook.
  • Media Streaming: the MediaShare Mini supports all DLNA-compliant media players, such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. It also supports iTunes software.

The MediaShare Mini comes with a three-year warranty and is available now. It's slated to cost $90.