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Velocity Micro acquires Overdrive PC

PC vendor acquisition train keeps chugging as Velocity Micro picks up Overdrive PC.

First Dell grabbed Alienware. Then HP picked up Voodoo PC. Today, we learn that Velocity Micro has acquired superfast PC maker Overdrive PC.

While neither Velocity Micro nor Overdrive PC may have the same name recognition as the companies involved in other recent acquisitions, this deal definitely makes the competitive landscape more interesting. The founder of Voodoo PC said earlier this spring that it's working on a game performance-oriented retail brand. That's a direct shot at Velocity Micro and its already considerable retail shelf presence.

By scooping up Overdrive PC, Velocity Micro has made a move to protect its retail standing. The reason is because it now has access to Overdrive's "Hyperclocking" technology. That term might sound like marketing language at its worst, but Overdrive's closely guarded tweaking has a history of winning Editor's Choice awards. If Velocity Micro was able to Hyperclock its retail systems, that could considerably improve the performance of its gaming systems, which retail for $2,000 to $3,000. Good for them, but more important, good for anyone in the market for such a PC.

For Overdrive PC's part, it will maintain its brand identity, but it now has access to part of Velocity Micro's production facilities. What that means for Velocity Micro's own efforts at making elite PCs remains to be seen. We expect that, for the short term, we'll continue to see its highest end Raptor Signature Edition PCs for sale. Down the road, we can't say.