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Valleywag: Don't expect MySpace platform announcement

Gossip sheet counters a rumor spawned by fellow tech blog TechCrunch over a MySpace announcement at a conference next week.

Tech gossip blog Valleywag is attempting to counter the TechCrunch-spawned rumor that MySpace.com will be following in Facebook's footsteps and opening up its site to developers.

Sources in touch with the Gawker Media-owned blog allegedly said that MySpace is indeed brewing a developer platform strategy and that the News Corp.-owned social networking site will be making an announcement at next week's Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco--but the two are unrelated.

The announcement, according to Valleywag blogger Megan McCarthy (no relation), will instead deal with MySpace's instant messaging client. Additionally, she wrote, MySpace will be expanding from its Los Angeles base and opening a San Francisco Bay Area office.

McCarthy went on: "Apparently, Web developers, like vampires, shun warmth and sunlight. Unable to find enough talented engineers in L.A., MySpace has decided to open up more fogbound digs to tap San Francisco's pool of snooty, entitled, arrogant Webheads."

It's important to take this rumor with a grain of salt: Valleywag is first and foremost a Silicon Valley gossip publication. Additionally, this could be infused with a bit of TechCrunch-Valleywag rivalry, with one eager to debunk the other; it's no secret that the two blogs have a bit of friction between them.

Valleywag, whose bloggers like to refer to TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington with the epithet "horny," is typically banned from TechCrunch functions.

Guess we'll see who's right next week.