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Valentine Zunes delayed but may be free

Refunds will be sent to those who ordered by Feb. 4.


If you ordered one of those Valentine's Day Zunes, there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Microsoft is running way behind on shipments and may miss the holy Feb. 14 deadline "due to some issues in our fulfillment center," according to an e-mail cited by Gizmodo. The good news is that the same e-mail says Microsoft is refunding the entire amount to those whose orders are in jeopardy--meaning that the media player will be free regardless of whether it gets there on time.

A sales rep confirmed the unfortunate situation--or fortunate, if your relationship has gone sour while waiting for delivery--telling Crave last night that the refund applies to those who bought the special red 80GB Zune by Feb. 4. So no, don't think you can order one now and get it for free. We already thought of trying that.