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Vaio design contest winners bring on the Splash

Sony has revealed the winners of its Vaio My Contest Graphic Splash PC Design Contest, and the results are far from monochromatic.

Sound Waves
"Sound Waves," by Crimsonjassic, aka Transfuse
Crimsonjassic, aka Transfuse, via Sony

Sony has revealed the winners of its Vaio My Contest Graphic Splash PC Design Contest, and the resulting creations, titled Sound Waves, Kaleidoscope, and Colorful, are far from monochromatic.

"Kaleidoscopes," by Crea8anim8 Crea8anim8, via Sony
"Colorful," by starfantazy starfantazy, via Sony

The latter, as its name suggests, features a swirl of, well, color--vibrant green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and blue. Artist "starfantazy," who submitted the design, said she loves how colors seem to flow together: "I think they represent life and all that is so diverse in it."

"Crea8anim8" was similarly inspired by color in creating the muted, jungle-evoking "Kaleidoscopes." The way those instruments "catch the light and the way the turning motion creates the interweaving of colors always mesmerizes me," she said.

For "Sound Waves," meanwhile," Crimsonjassic, aka Transfuse," looked to waves, koi, and the description of the Vaio FW series at the center of the competition as "reminiscent of a rolling wave." His laptop shell features a graceful mermaid--wearing headphones.

For the contest, which kicked off in July, Sony solicited cover designs for its wide-screen, entertainment-friendly FW line and used a process called dye sublimation to infuse colors and patterns into the notebooks' exterior.

Three judges, including MTV reality staple and budding designer Lauren Conrad, artist Maya Hayuk, and fashion designer Kelly Nishimoto, chose the top 10 finalists, with the American public voting on the top three winners. Finalists get a free Vaio FW Graphic Splash computer with their design on the front. The winners got a trip to New York to attend the press event announcing the victors, plus a little pocket money.

Probably most exciting for the winning artists, their limited-edition designs will be available for preorder online at the Sony Style store starting Wednesday. So, which of the three, if any, would you buy? Or maybe you'll spot a favorite in this gallery of all submissions.