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V Cast Video now on BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Storm gets more multimedia support with V Cast Video and V Cast Music.

The Storm now has V Cast.
Corinne Schulze/CNET

When the RIM BlackBerry Storm debuted last year, there were quite a few things about it that made us scratch our heads. One of the biggest was the 3G handset's limited support for Verizon Wireless services. Though it could play music and video, it didn't support Verizon's V Cast Music or the carrier's V Cast Video.

Apparently, Verizon realized not all was well in the land. On Friday the carrier announced that the Storm would support V Cast Video for your viewing pleasure. The cost will be $10 per month for the usual programming including news and weather, sports recaps and television programming.

V Cast Video and the earlier V Cast Music addition help the Storm gain a little more respectability. Now if they could just fix that SurePress feature.