Utility ring opens bottles, combs your eyebrows

The Swiss Army knife concept goes bizarre with a titanium utility ring full of folding tools.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Man Ring
It's more than meets the eye. boonerings

People like to hide pointy things inside of other things. The classic Swiss Army knife is a great example of this. So is the TaskOne multi-tool case for the iPhone. Now, all those pointy things can be found in a fashionable ring.

The Man Ring from Etsy seller boonerings takes that Swiss Army knife philosophy, shrinks it down, and hides it in a ring made from aerospace-grade titanium and brass rivets.

The ring's tools include a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw blade, a bottle opener, and a comb. That's a nifty assortment of tools all crammed into a small space, but I have to wonder about the functionality. It would take you years to cut down a small tree and you'd look pretty silly trying it.

My favorite tool here has to be the comb. I expect it would do a rocking job on your eyebrows. I can see the appeal of packing this MacGyver fashion accessory. It's way less conspicuous than wearing a honking big multi-tool in a leather pouch on your belt.

The $385 ring is custom made to your finger size, but the tools all remain a standard size. That means ordering this as a pinky ring won't result in tools that require a microscope to find them.

The Man Ring has a lot of different functions, but let's be realistic about this. You're mostly going to use it to open beer bottles. If you think about it, you're dropping $385 for a bottle opener that will impress your friends. Depending on your priorities, that might be totally worthwhile.

Man Ring opening a bottle
Pop open a cold one with your ring. boonerings

(Via Fashionably Geek)