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Using tunes to tout Windows 7

Dubbed Section 7, Microsoft launches a site in conjunction with Live Nation that offers discount concert tickets and gear.

Microsoft is teaming with Live Nation to use a music-themed site to tout Windows 7. Screenshot by Ina Fried/CNET

Borrowing a tactic it has used to tout Internet Explorer, Microsoft on Tuesday launched a music tie-in to help promote Windows 7.

Dubbed Section 7, the site offers discount concert tickets and is being done in conjunction with music promoter Live Nation. Among the things the site features are $7 concert tickets and $7 merchandise for select artists.

"Section 7 offers music lovers a host of insider benefits, including exclusive ticket buying options, discounts, and opportunities to meet their favorite artists, fan clubs, great deals on tickets, merchandise and more," Microsoft said in an e-mail.

The first 37,000 people who sign up also get a voucher for a free pair of tickets to a concert at a Live Nation club or theater.

Microsoft says it is trying to "simplify the music experience one concert at a time." That seems a stretch, but hey, free concert tickets sounds pretty good. Locations are limited, though, so not everyone will have a local option.