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Users will be happy when the MaCool freezes up

A beverage cooler on Kickstarter pays homage to a vintage Apple machine in all its classic beige glory.

MaCool cooler
Chill out with your Mac out.
Scott Stefan

Retro is cool. Old Macs are cool. A retro vintage Mac-looking cooler is cooler still. The MaCool on Kickstarter is exactly what it sounds like, a cooler that looks like an old Macintosh computer, complete with classic beige color.

Your typical beach bunnies and sand studs probably won't pay this cooler much mind, but it should elicit excitement from the people you actually want to impress: your fellow geeks. If you're really lucky, they'll wonder why you hauled your classic Mac to the beach. Then they'll "ooh" and "aah" as you pop off the top and pull out a cool, refreshing can of your beverage of choice.

MaCool is running a fast 14-day Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $65,000 to produce the coolers. Early birds can get in at $39, with the regular pledge price set at $59. The cooler is 13 inches wide and can hold eight cans with ice.

There are a couple different decal options for adding that realistic, just-started-up look. One is the classic happy Mac and the other is a fake folder view.

Sure, most of the younger portion of the population will have no idea what this cooler represents, but those nostalgic for the go-go computer days of the '80s will get a kick out of it. Just don't try to shove a floppy into that slot.

MaCool cooler open
The MaCool with its top off. Scott Stefan