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Use the 'force' to control your cell phone

Prototype allows for controlling a cell phone with your brain.

Cell phones may or may not mess with our brains, but now our brains can mess with them.

NeuroSky, a San Jose, Calif.-based company that focuses on developing brain-controlled interfaces, recently created a prototype of a system that reads brain waves and uses them to control mobile phone applications. Basically, the brain dictates the action of the device without the help of the middleman: the fingers.

This is how it works: software algorithms deduce from your brain waves what you intend to do and pass on the appropriate commands to the cell phone. During the demo of the prototype, NeuroSky exhibited a game in which users moved a video game character to an intended place on the cell phone's screen. The more the person concentrated, the faster the character would move.

Right now the system still requires multiple parts, but the company, is working on making a single integrated chip that can perform all the functions.

This is a first step toward a silent world where we don't really need to talk anymore. Just think and you are understood. Now that's scary.

(Via Fashionfunky)