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Use Scrollbar of Contents for Chrome to easily navigate long Web pages

Tired of skimming through an endless scrolling Web page to find the information you're looking for? Wish every Web site had a table of contents like Wikipedia? Now you can add one with a Chrome extension.

When you're browsing the Web, you will probably come across some pages that are far too long, with little to no navigation shortcuts. Generally, using your trusty friend Ctrl + F can help you skip ahead to whatever you're looking for. Unfortunately, you may not know the exact wording that the page is going to use, or maybe your phrase appears hundreds of times. Instead of wasting your time skimming the Web page, try using a Chrome extension like Scrollbar of Contents.

This extension helps you skip all the reading you don't care about and get to the parts you want. To do this, Scrollbar of Contents looks for headings on the page and provides them in a clickable menu. It's sort of like Wikipedia's menu system that lets you jump to sections of an article. Here's how to start skipping to the right Web page content faster:

Step 1: Grab a copy of Scrollbar of Contents for your Chrome Web browser.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 2: After installing, right-click the extension's icon on the toolbar and go to Options.

The options area allows you to adjust how much of each heading you want to see, whether you want them to do any overlapping, and decide on a transparency level for the tabs -- among other things. Make sure to uncheck the box next to hide by default, allowing you to see if the extension is working, and then turn the tabs off at your leisure.

Step 3: After you've configured the extension, it's time to restart Chrome.

An example of how Scrollbar of Contents looks on a Web page. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Now just head to any Web page and start using the handy navigation added to the scrollbar.

Have any other productivity extensions that you love for Chrome? Share them in the comments!

(Via AddictiveTips)