Use MagicScroll Web Reader for a better reading experience

Check out a different way to scroll through long articles on the Web, making reading faster and easier on most sites. viewed with MagicScroll Web Reader

Do you love reading articles online, but find yourself losing your spot often? The developer of MagicScroll Web Reader, Richard Wallis, proposes that the problem isn't social media and other computer distractions -- it's the way you scroll through large blocks of text online.

To combat the issue of scrolling and making your eyes search for where you left off, Wallis wrote a browser bookmarklet that changes normal scrolling to page-turning style. This means that instead of scrolling down a really long page, you can flip through it, just like you would do with a book.

Here's how to install and use MagicScroll Web Reader for Chrome and other Web browsers:

Note: This bookmarklet will not work with every Web page. Because of individual page layout techniques, you may still need to use the scroll button on your mouse. However, MagicScroll will still only show you one page at a time.

For Google Chrome:
Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Luckily, there is an extension that Wallis created to give MagicScroll a home on your Chrome toolbar. To install the extension, open the MagicScroll Web Reader entry on the Chrome Store, then click Add to Chrome. You should see a new icon appear near the top right-hand corner of your Chrome Web browser. If not, just restart Chrome and it will appear.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

For other Web browsers:

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Since there's no direct install to add MagicScroll Web Reader to your toolbar, you'll just need to drag and drop the the bookmarklet found on the MagicScroll Web page to your quick links area.

After you have MagicScroll Web Reader installed or bookmarked on your favorite browser, just head to a Web page and click the button/link.

From there you'll be able to flip through pages using the right and left arrows on either side of the text or the scroll wheel on your mouse. If you want to revert back to the normal page style, just click the top button at the upper left-hand corner.

Extras viewed with MagicScroll Web Reader

MagicScroll Web Reader has a couple of other interesting features that you may fancy. If you click the Settings button (second from the top in the upper left-hand corner), you can change the font size and the color scheme. This is especially useful if you're reading on a laptop in sunlight and need more contrast to easily see words. In the bottom right-hand corner, you'll see a Play button along with plus and minus signs. This Play button will automatically scroll through pages for you, and the other two allow you to adjust the scrolling speed.

Using MagicScroll helps you skip services that require signing up and forwarding your content to their Web site can before it's converted to a better reading format.

(Via The Verge)