Use Invoicera for free small business invoicing services

Looking for an invoicing solution for your small business? Invoicera might have the tools you need at little to no cost.

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Nicole Cozma
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Not ready to dive into invoicing software that requires hours of fussing to get everything set up correctly? Invoicera seeks to simplify the invoicing task by creating an easy-to-use Web interface for users.

This service offers several pricing plans, ranging from literally $0 to $99.95. You're probably wondering what users on the $0 plan get. Well, it's actually a lot of functionality for the zero cost. You can make unlimited invoices, so that's a huge bonus. There's a limit of three clients, and there's no ability to auto bill clients or add team members to help you manage the accounts. But if you're a small business, say 1-5 people, this setup might work for you.

Another notable feature of Invoicera, regardless of the payment plan you're on, is that it lives on the Web. This is great if you're not always using the same computer or need to look something up when you're away from the office. Just make sure you take extra security measures when accessing your account from elsewhere.

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Sign-up for the service is very easy. Just click the Use it for Free link on the front page of the Web site. After filling out information about you and your business, you'll be able to start adding invoices right away. However, if you want the entire process to go as smoothly as possible, adding clients first is highly recommended. Pay special attention to client e-mail addresses, since this is how the Invoicera system will forward invoices to your clients.

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Just click the Create Invoice option in the Invoice menu along the title bar of the Web site. From there, all you need to do is fill in a few fields, like the services or goods and their values, along with quantity and tax rate. Invoice templates let you pick a style that suits your business, and (for a fee) you can create your own template.

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When you're done, just click Send by Mail. This will verify the content of the invoice and the name of the client you're sending it to. Just click Send to complete the process.

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All of your information will be summarized neatly on the dashboard, showing invoices, payments, and hours. There are many other features you can set according to your preferences, so do some exploring in the Settings menu (and especially General Preferences).

What do you use for your small business invoicing? And do you see Web-based invoice systems as a better solution? Let us know in the comments.

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