USB-powered slippers keep your feet cozy

Paul Lin
Paul Lin
is a N.Y.-based freelance reporter, writer and producer for the Web, radio and television.
Paul Lin

It's hard to think of keeping your feet warm in the blazing summer heat, but cold toes can be the bane of sandal wearers in climate-controlled offices where the air conditioning is blasting.

USB Geek has a way to keep your feet cozy--and comfortable--while you're at work. It offers heated slippers that are powered by your computer.

USB slippers
Credit: USB Geek

Plug the USB cable in to your computer or game console, and slip on the warmth. USB Geek says the slippers push your foot temperature up 21 degrees Celsius, or 38 degrees Fahrenheit, in 10 minutes. If you're writing the next great American novel from a small lakeside cabin in the mountains, you'll be happy to know that the maximum slipper temp is 48 C, or about 118 F.

The slippers work with PCs and Macs, as well as PlayStation and Xbox systems, and sell for $25 at USB Geek. Once you beat the cold, the only thing you may have to fight next is the fashion police in the next cubicle pointing at your feet.