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US Supreme Court paving the way for patent reform

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a recent patent case from the US Supreme Court is having a positive effect on patent disputes in the US. Would that this progress will continue....

I've written before about the Supreme Court's landmark patent-reform case, KSR v. Teleflex [PDF]. It appears that this case has been having its desired effect, according to the Wall Street Journal (Subscription req'd):

...[J]udges have begun to rule in favor of companies defending themselves against infringement lawsuits - in one case dismissing a suit and in another ordering a review...[with Judge William Schwarzer throwing out a lawsuit brought by a patent troll against Real Networks because] "The Supreme Court has made it clear what it thinks....Patents are being issued on obvious inventions, and it tightened the reins."

We're a long way from full reform of our broken patent system, but this news is heartening. Maybe someday our kids will be able to innovate without wading through a silly morass of patent claims. But don't hold your breath.