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UPS man charged with stealing iPad Mini FedEx

A homeowner knows that FedEx has delivered his iPad Mini. It isn't there when he gets home. So he looks at his home surveillance video. And sees the UPS guy allegedly take it.

The evidence seems quite strong.
KHOU Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Might this have been a case of twisted competitive urges?

Or might the temptation of a box left on a doorstep -- a box containing an iPad Mini -- simply have been too much?

These are the questions rolling through the minds of Al and Sandra Alverson and, surely, 10,000 psychologists in their home town of Houston, Tx.

The Alversons, you see, were told in an e-mail by FedEx that their brand new iPad Mini had been delivered.

But, as KHOU 11 News reports, when they got home the doorstep was bare. Well, bare of the iPad Mini box.

A second gift -- delivered by UPS --was there. So what might have happened?

Al Alverson happens to have a little surveillance camera above his doorstep.

So he went to his computer and thought he'd take a look at the footage.

There was the FedEx man delivering the iPad Mini (a gift for his daughter). There was the UPS man delivering the second gift.

And there was the UPS man coming back later to examine the FedEx box and, to all eyes, take the iPad Mini FedEx delivery away.

"I said, 'oh my God, it is the UPS guy," Al Alverson told KHOU 11.

His natural instinct was to call UPS, who were, according to Alverson, not entirely prompt with a response.

So he put the video up on Vimeo and YouTube. It appeared on Reddit. Slashgear spotted it.

Somehow, a firm reaction was delivered.

Now UPS has reportedly offered the Alversons a new iPad Mini. Moreover, the delivery driver -- who, says UPS, was a seasonal worker -- has been arrested and charged with theft.