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Upgrade to Windows Phone 8? Not so fast.

The powerful Galaxy S3 lands with high marks, Verizon widens its LTE lead and Windows Phone 8 will be out this fall -- but not for current Windows Phone users.

It's a phone-tastic episode today:

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Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 operating system will be in new Windows Phones this fall, but existing Windows users won't be able to get the full upgrade. That's because the Windows Phone 8 OSrequires better hardware, like multicore processors and NFC support. The next OS will also have more enterprise-friendly features and Nokia's maps. (Maps are becoming a new battle ground in mobile phones.) However, current Windows Phone users aren't completely ignored. There's a slight upgrade coming that gives the live tiles in the home screen new color and size options.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is now landing at Sprint and T-Mobile. The hot new Android phone is the follow-up to the Galaxy S II, the best-selling Android of 2011. Be sure to check out CNET's full review to see how it stacks up.

If you're planning on upgrading, you can make some cash by selling your old phone. A gently used Galaxy S II is going for about $200 on electronic buy-back sites like Gazelle and eBay Instant Sale.

Verizon continues to expand it's 4G LTE network. The carrier added 46 more 4G LTE markets, and improved coverage in 22 existing markets.

And if gas prices are hurting your wallet, give Waze a shot. The free traffic app for iOS and Androidjust updated with gas price data. It does, however, rely on other users to feed it the most recent info on fuel prices. (That's what ya get for free.)

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