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Updates on the Motorola Q q9 and GSM Q

Crave gets updates on the availability of the Motorola Q and Motorola Q q9 at CTIA 2007.

Motorola Q q9h
Motorola Q q9h: U.S.-bound
Motorola GSM
Motorola Q GSM: not so much Motorola

We stopped by Motorola's booth today at CTIA 2007 and among other things, got an update on the whereabouts of the Motorola Q GSM and Motorola Q q9. Apparently, the GSM Moto Q won't be coming to the States because there isn't much interest. Ohhhh, really? I would have thought otherwise based on the number of reader e-mails I get about this device. Then again, we can understand how interest for the GSM Q would wane in the shadow of the faster, more powerful Motorola Q q9, which, by the way, has been renamed the Motorola Q q9h. (Yeah, I still don't get it.)

Just as a bit of a refresher, the q9h features improvements inside and out. Cosmetically, it has a redesigned body with more rounded edges and an "ergonomically optimized" keyboard. In addition, the display has a light sensor to automatically adjust the backlighting based on your environment. Inside, the Moto Q q9h runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition and has a faster processor, HSDPA support, and is compatible with Windows Mobile PlaysForSure content, which you can access over the air or via files stored on either the device's 256MB internal memory or a microSD card. I got some brief hands-on time with the device today, and the keyboard is definitely better and the phone is still lightweight, but I'm not 100 percent sold on the new design. It seems wider and thicker to me. However, I did notice that it was much faster to perform tasks than the original Moto Q--thank goodness. Motorola said the q9h is expected to ship sometime in Q3, but was mum on pricing and carrier (**cough, Cingular/AT&T, cough cough**).