Update Yahoo Mail for iOS to swipe from e-mail to e-mail

Yahoo updated its Mail app, and it is now easier to browse through your inbox on the iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

You've probably have had your iPhone or iPad long enough that you don't even realize the number of gestures you've come to rely on to control your various apps. It's not until you encounter the absence of a gesture that you get a glimpse of your reliance on such nimble movements.

Yahoo rolled out a major update last month (version 2.0) for its Mail app for iOS that introduced a new look and feel, complete with themes and a whopping 1TB of storage space. The app grouped messages into conversations, but it wasn't easy to move from one message or conversation to the next. With yesterday's update (2.0.3), you can now swipe sideways when you are viewing a message or conversation to jump to the next or previous message or conversation in your inbox on your iPhone or iPod. The same holds true when you are in full-screen mode on the iPad.

With this minor update, the Yahoo Mail app for iOS boasts a major usability improvement.