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Update: TV power consumption guide

Just in time for Earth Day 2010, CNET updates its definitive guide to TV power use, including results for more than 100 TVs tested since 2008.

We tested 107 TVs for power use.

The Earth Day update for CNET's TV power consumption guide, which presents basic info, usage statistics, power-saving tips, and testing parameters, went live yesterday.

New updates for 2010

  • Chart updated to include 107 TVs tested since 2008
  • Separate entries for LED-based LCDs
  • LED saves an average of 10 watts (less than $20 per year)
  • Plasma still uses 2-3 times as much power as LCD
  • Updated to reflect Energy Star 4.0, coming in May
  • Calculations use average 2009 energy cost (11.55 cents per kw/hr; 0.2 higher than 2008)
  • New, tougher criteria for CNET's Power Saver badge
  • Free HDTV for the first 100 commenters*
For more information, feel free to peruse the newly updated guide, or skip right to the big chart for your TV power use information fix of the day.

*This statement is a blatant lie. But a new Crave giveaway does post tomorrow.