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Update: Apple Store has retrofurbished iPods

The first-gen iPod and original Shuffle models pop up in Apple's online store.

Update 8-21-09: Joachim Bean at TUAW e-mailed us to say that after receiving confirmation of his purchase, a follow-up e-mail canceled his order saying that the iPod he ordered "is no longer in stock." False alarm.

Here's some fun nostalgia for Apple fans. TUAW points out an oddity discovered while perusing the Web recently: the Apple Store is currently selling the original iPod and the first-generation iPod Shuffle online.

Apple first-gen iPod
The original iPod, circa 2001, for sale now at Apple.com.

They're refurbished, but it's unclear why Apple still has a backlog of the iPod model first introduced eight years ago and the original 4-year-old Shuffle model. But whatever the reason, you can buy one and it ships for free within 24 hours, according to the site.

The original iPod, the kind with a black-and-white screen and the original physical scroll wheel that wasn't touch sensitive, is selling for $129. The site says it's a 5GB version, but Joachim at TUAW notes that he ordered it and was told they'd be shipping him the 10GB version instead. The Shuffle (unbelievably) is selling for $99. For that you can store a whopping 240 songs and wear it with the old-style lanyard around your neck--no built-in clip here.