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Lucky dog gets canine home modeled after the 'Up' house

Movie prop maker Tim Baker and his team make the ultimate canine home worth begging for -- a floating balloon doghouse from the Pixar movie "Up."

This doghouse is perfect for any canine fan of the Pixar movie "Up!" Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

When you're a hard-core fan of anything from "Star Wars" to "Doctor Who," it makes sense that your fandom would eventually trickle down to your pets, from dog beds to Halloween costumes. So why not give your mutt the ultimate doghouse modeled after something from one of your favorite movies?

That's exactly what happened to a fan of Disney Pixar's movie " Up" on this week's episode of the DIY webseries "Super-Fan Builds" from AWE me. Superfan Steve Minty and his rescue dog Dug were surprised when they received a handcrafted doghouse that looked like the famous floating house carried by balloons in the movie "Up."

"Super-Fan Builds" shows off the talents of movie prop designers, led by industry veteran Tim Baker. Along with his talented team of artists, he builds amazing tributes to movies and video games for superfans nominated by friends and family.

In this week's episode, Baker and his crew built an exact replica of Carl's floating house in the movie "Up" complete with a brass rooster weather vane, elaborate Victorian porch posts and almost 3,000 wooden shingles used on the roof.

To make the house look like it floats, Baker and his team made a steel frame that raises the model up a few inches off the ground. The house itself is made from wood with a removable roof, for easy cleaning of the dog bed, which is placed inside.

In the movie "Up" the house is lifted up and floats away thanks to a giant cluster of balloons. The doghouse has its own collection of these multicolored floating balloons, which are made from fiberglass and resin. The team also created all the plants, shrubs, grass and dirt in the yard using plastic and foam. They even added the white picket fence.

The team also sculpted a tiny Carl to look out the window of the house. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

The final result is impressive, and even Steve the fan's dog Dug showed his approval by jumping into the doghouse and happily settling in the bed inside.

This isn't the first time "Super-Fan Builds" gave a fan's pet the ultimate tribute. Last year Baker and his team created a , complete with a tower of Sauron cat scratching post so a fan's cat could pretend to live in Middle-earth.

Another fan was treated to a City of Rapture aquarium for her pet fish, inspired by a scene from the video game BioShock.

For human fans, the show has also made a life-size "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot swing, Final Fantasy sword kitchen knives and a Batmobile stroller.

If you have a superfan to nominate, contact the producers of "Super-Fan Builds" at