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Unlikely star duels in EA's 'Celebrity Sports Showdown'

Upcoming title lets you play as celebrities battling their way through various outdoor sports events.

Keith Urban skiing
Country crooner Keith Urban tackles the slalom in EA's Celebrity Sports Showdown. Electronic Arts

If you've ever dreamed of watching a Mia Hamm/Sugar Ray Leonard beach volleyball smackdown (and who hasn't, really?), Electronic Arts' upcoming Celebrity Sports Showdown (PDF) could bring a new level of fulfillment to your life. The title lets you play as (a sometimes odd-looking version of) select celebrities battling their way through outdoor games including smash badminton, rapid-fire archery, wild-water canoeing, inner-tubing, and hurdle derby.

Fergie jousting with Keith Urban? Reggie Bush locked in an arena dodgeball deathmatch with Kristi Yamaguchi? Don't even get Perez Hilton started on the possibilities here.

The game, which will be the first Wii title to launch under the new EA Sports Freestyle brand, "explores the lighter side of sports and pulls inspiration from the entertainment spectacles that are so prevalent in pop culture today," said Dave McCarthy, the title's executive producer.

Celebrity Sports Showdown ships to retailers this holiday season with a suggested retail price of $39.99. In addition to the aforementioned stars, other celebs who've (presumably) agreed to virtual combat include LeAnn Rimes, Nelly Furtado, and Paul Pierce. Maybe the screenshots in this blog will help open your imagination to the world of possibilities about to be at your fingertips.

Avril Lavigne
Who ever said rocker Avril Lavigne couldn't play a mean game of smash badminton? Electronic Arts