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Giant bunny dies on United, and Twitter hops right to the jokes

If there were ever an airline that didn't need another public-relations disaster, every bunny knows which one it is.

Simon was no ordinary bunny. The 10-month-old continental rabbit was 3 feet long (90 cm), and he was heading for a golden life. His owner told the Associated Press that he'd been purchased by an unidentified celebrity (surely TMZ is working busily to reveal the person's name).

Simon was on his way to Chicago's O'Hare Airport from London Heathrow when he mysteriously died. While traveling, the rabbit was carried in the plane's cargo hold, but ABC is reporting that he did not die onboard, but in the airline's kennel.

The airline? Much-beleaguered United Airlines, of course, which recently came under social-media attack when horrifying video footage showed Dr. David Dao being dragged off a plane.

British tabloid The Sun reports that Simon was the son of Darius, the world's largest rabbit, and was expected to grow large enough one day to take the record from his dad.

Simon's death is still being investigated, United says, but if there's ever an airline that didn't need another public-relations black eye, it's this one. Twitter naturally had some thoughts.

This latest United debacle might have finally done what nothing else could -- it has some social-media users feeling a little sympathetic for the world's third-largest airline.

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