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'Undertow' free on XBLA for the next few days

Microsoft is making the XBLA title 'Undertow' free to all Xbox Live members of all levels for the next few days.

Undertow is free on XBLA

Last month, Xbox Live experienced some technical problems. If you played multiplayer games like Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3 between Christmas and New Year's, you probably noticed shaky connections, dropped games, and even the complete inability to sign into Xbox Live. Microsoft noticed these problems, too, and even though the service has mostly stabilized by now, the company is still offering a little something as a "token of appreciation" to gamers who couldn't game.

From now until 11:59 p.m. PST Sunday, you can download the Xbox Live Arcade game Undertow for free. The game usually costs 800 MS Points ($10), but both Silver and Gold Xbox Live members can grab it free of charge over the next few days. Undertow is a funky mixture of Robotron 2084 meets Unreal Tournament's Domination game type. You must fight underwater and capture various control points around the submerged ruins of civilization. It offers three different races with four different classes each, and each class can be upgraded each game as you score points. As a (pretty, 3D-modeled) 2D arcade shooter, it's a fairly fun distraction.

OK, Undertow isn't exactly Rez HD or Psychonauts or any of the other much more anticipated and desired Xbox Live titles, but it's still a free game that usually runs $10. Give it a download while it's free. Even if you just get 5 minutes of fun, you'll get your money's worth.