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Ultra HD TVs are big at CES 2013

At CES 2013, TV manufacturers show off Ultra HD and new smart TV features, Dish adds Slingbox to its DVR, and headphones send music through your bones.

Tuesday's CNET Update from CES 2013:

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The show floor has officially opened at the International CES, and here's a quick breakdown of the highlights so far:

Televisions and home entertainment tend to be the star of the show. This year, LG announced shipping and pricing details for the 55-inch OLED TV that everyone was gawking at last year. The buzz now is more focused around Ultra HD resolution, also called 4K. You need a very large screen to appreciate that extra resolution. Sharp showed two Ultra HD TVs. Samsung unveiled an 85-inch Ultra HD TV with a floor stand. And Sony was the only one who talked about getting 4K content to make use of the screens. Sony will be coming out with a video distribution system for 4K this summer.

Smart TVs are getting smarter. Panasonic's new smart TVs have personalized home screens for every member of the house, and media from a mobile device can be played on the TV via NFC. We're also seeing more televisions incorporate voice and body gesture commands.

Dish has a new Hopper DVR that is integrated with Slingbox. The device lets you transfer a recorded show to your iPad for viewing on the go without an Internet connection.

There aren't many smartphones being shown off here at CES, since companies tend to save the good stuff for Mobile World Congress next month. However, Sony did show the water-resistant Xperia Z, which has a 5-inch screen, 13-megapixel camera, quad-core processor and NFC.

But the best part of CES is the gadgets. Trackdot can help keep track of lost luggage. Panasonic sends music through your cheekbones. And Lego's Mindstorms evolve into a new generation of programmable robots.

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