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Ultimate iPhone photography app?

The Best Camera app lets you shoot, edit, and share your photos from one interface.

Chase Jarvis is a professional photographer. Chase Jarvis has an iPhone. Chase Jarvis got tired of using five apps to shoot, edit, and share photos taken with his iPhone so he created the Best Camera app.

If you haven't already started watching the demo video above, you can open the app, shoot a picture or open one from your photo roll, apply filters and effects, and then upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Jarvis's iPhone photography community Web site.

The app is only $2.99 and appears to be heavily branded to help sell copies of Jarvis's book of iPhone photography, "The Best Camera is the One That's With You." Personally, it looks like it's still missing some features that'll keep me using other apps, but hopefully Jarvis and his software-engineering partners, Ubermind, Inc., will continue to evolve the app and not charge extra for updates.

Jessica Dolcourt, associate editor over at CNET Download, has two other quite good photo app recommendations: Photogene and Snapture.