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Uh, dude, the Dell guy is accessorizing

The company, apparently not satisfied with gaining PC market share last year, unveils T-shirts, caps, backpacks and more all playing off its popular "Dude" TV ads.

Dell Computer has a new motto: "Dude, you're getting a T-shirt!"

Or a baseball cap. Or a backpack. Or anything else with "Steven" and the "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" tag line.

Dell, more known for gaining a larger share of PC market last year, has now set its sights on apparel, unveiling on Tuesday a line of "Dude Gear" accessories including T-shirts, caps, notebook backpacks and CD cases.

Apparently, the successful TV commercials and the Steven Web site just weren't enough.

The PC maker said its foray into Dude Gear is a natural extension of the commercials, which have made Dell more recognizable to consumers.

"Consumers can't get enough of 'Dude' so we've given them some stylish ways to express their enthusiasm," Kurt Kirsch, director of new business development for Dell's consumer group, said in a statement.

Be that as it may, it is a little odd to see Dell touting the clothing's "subtle, cool look" and "hip, khaki college style." Dell said the gear has made the rounds in New York's Times Square and on college campuses.

Though it is not clear whether Dell's venture into the accessory business will result in big bucks or big backlash, the company may elaborate Thursday when it reports first-quarter earnings.