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UFOs inspire design of Austrian mountain retreat

A village in the Tyrolean Alps now houses Ufogel, a vacation getaway that looks like a cross between an unidentified flying object and a space-age barn.


Need to get away somewhere remote, relaxing, and reminiscent of an unidentified flying object? The Ufogel retreat in the Austrian mountain village of Nussdorf takes its design cues, at least partially, from UFOs.

The unusual-looking structure, designed by Urlaubs Architektur, "sometimes bears resemblance to a prehistoric bird and sometimes to an extraterrestrial home, but is always something special," the Web site for the mountain residence reads. The rustic retreat takes its name from the acronym UFO and the word "vogel," German for bird. (If you ask us, it looks a lot like a lunar lander, but the name Lunarlandergvogel could get pretty unwieldy.)

Made almost entirely of larch wood, the Ufogel stands on steel stilts, with steps leading to the entrance that resemble those that always descend from spacecraft before aliens disembark to kidnap their human subjects. Giant windows let guests gaze out at the Austrian Area 51 hills (which are inevitably alive with the sound of music), while also keeping an eye out for any other spacecraft that might land in the East Tyrolean Alps.

Located next to a far more traditional-looking barnhouse, the whole space-age-looking structure measures 484 square feet, but up to five can sleep there comfortably. It rents for 120 euros (about $162) per night for two people, with each additional guest costing $34. And if you think about it, that's way cheaper than booking a trip to Mars.


(Via Gizmag)